Assembly of the Republic of Kosova

Committee on Human Rights, Gender Equality, Victims of Sexual Violence During the War, Missing Persons and Petitions

The Committee, within the scope and responsibilities, deals with all matters relating to human rights, with the observance and application of the principle of gender equality with legislation and petitions submitted by one or more citizens..

Calendar of activities of the Committee

Wednesday, 11:00 19 April 2023
Meeting Room N10

Committee meeting

Tuesday, 13:00 28 March 2023
Meeting Room N302

Committee meeting


Committee composition




038 200 10 635

044 250 339

[email protected]



Field Officer

038 200 10 624

044 412 924

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Committee documents

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The scope of this committee includes:

  • Cooperation with the Ombudsperson;
  • Initiative to sign international documents on gender equality and follow up their implementation;
  • Review of gender equality and gender mainstreaming issues in all Kosovo institutions;
  • Reviewing the position of women and proposing measures for their advancement in all areas of life;
  • Providing recommendations for advancing the position of women and their rights, protecting women from physical, emotional and psychological abuse, advancing women in civil services, ensuring an effective and influential role in the democratic decision-making process in Kosovo;
  • Review of issues related to education and professional development of women;
  • Review of other issues that ensure gender equality and advancement of the position of women by law;
  • Reviewing all issues related to the fate of missing persons;
  • Investigation of facts and data relating to missing persons and Assembly recommendations on measures to be taken on the status and fate of missing persons;
  • Contacts with international human rights organizations with a view to exerting pressure on the fate of missing persons;
  • Contacting and notifying the families of missing persons;
  • Review and initiate legislation of its scope;


Reviewing petitions addressed to the Assembly:

a) Petitions that are made in writing , have the name of the sender and the relevant signatures, are understandable and clearly indicate their object, are accepted for review;

b) The Committee may return the petition for redrafting or require additional clarification;

c) Not later than two weeks after the day of receiving the petition, the chairperson of the committee submits the petition to the committee, proposing at the same time the manner of legal settlement or rejection of the petition. If the committee deems it appropriate, to resolve the matter may authorize the chairperson of the committee to submit a statement at the plenary session of the Assembly. The petitioner shall be notified of actions to resolve the issue raised in the petition.


In exercising its functions, the Committee cooperates with local and international organizations and associations for human rights and humanitarian issues with the Office for Gender Equality, of which it may request concrete data, when requested by the Committee.


Overseeing the implementation of the laws of its scope;


Reviewing other issues set forth in this Regulation and the issues which with particular decision of the Assembly are delegated to this Committee.