Assembly of the Republic of Kosova

Directorate for Technical Services

Adnan Boshnjaku


The Directorate for Technical Services is responsible for:
b. Supervising the technical maintenance and logistics of the Assembly building,
a. Providing administrative-technical services for all bodies and services in the Assembly,
b. The technical operations of the building,
c. Initiating procedures to register eventual defects in installations and equipment in the building,
d. Care for the working environment and undertaking actions to improve it,
e. Oversight of daily contracted works,
f. Technical receipt of works done by contractors,
g. Printing and photocopying of materials for the Assembly and its bodies,
h. Registering and distributing materials through the post,
i. Providing transport services for the needs of the Assembly,
j. Providing services for the receipt and distribution of supplies.

The Directorate for Technical Services is comprised of:
a. The Building Maintenance Unit,
b. The Transport Unit,
c. The Supply and Depot Unit, and
d. The Post and Photocopying Unit.

Tel: 038 211 666, 038 200 10 410

Email: [email protected]