Assembly of the Republic of Kosova

Directorate for Technical Services

Adnan Boshnjaku


Directorate for Technical Services is responsible for:
a.    Supervision of the technical and logistic maintenance of the Assembly's building
b.    Providing technical-administrative service for all bodies and services in Assembly
c.    Technical operation of the object; Technical operation of the building
d.    Initiating procedures to avoid eventual defects of installations and equipment in the facility
e.    Taking care of the work premises and undertaking actions for their eventual improvement
f.    Supervision of daily contracting works
g.    Technical acceptance of works performed by contractors
h.    Printing and reproduction of materials for the Assembly and its bodies
i.    Registration and distribution of materials through mail
j.    Providing transport services for Assembly needs
k.    Providing services for receiving and distributing consumables

Phone: 038 200 10 430
Mob: 044 300 024
Email: [email protected]

The Directorate for Technical Services consists of: 

a. Building Maintenance Unit

b. Transport Unit 
Unit Coordinator:
Bashkim Latifi
Phone: 038 200 10 437
Mob: 044 211 466
Email: [email protected]

c. Supply and Warehouse Unit 

d. Post and Multiply Unit