Assembly of the Republic of Kosova

The President of the Parliament Daci welcomed the Head of OSCE in Kosovo, Werner Wnendt


Good partnership with OSCE, which should continue even after the independence of Kosovo The elections of Kosovo shall be held not according to the regulation of UNMIK but with special law adopted in the Assembly of Kosovo Do not present to us solutions which are not functioning in Europe Kosovo shall have inter-parliamentary cooperation

The President of the Parliament Daci welcomed the new director of NDI in Kosovo, Chad Rogers


Unsparing support for parliamentary committee and democratization of political parties The support of NDI in future should be extended in implementation of adopted legislation

Members of the Presidency meet the ambassadors of OSCE


The independence of Kosovo is non-negotiable Only one of 17 represented subjects in the Assembly does not support the independence From Belgrade with war was taken the sovereignty upon Kosovo and it actually lies in SC of UN Kosovo has human and natural resources to be normal state Parallel to the negotiation for status definition of the country will be worked on fulfilling the standards The mission of KFOR and OSCE will be necessary even after the recognition of the independence of the country

The National Conference of Informal Club of the Parliamentary Women of Kosovo was held


During the proceedings women discussed about social, educational and health issues