Assembly of the Republic of Kosova

Committee on Security and Defense Affairs

The Committee for Security and Defense is a Functional Committee.

Calendar of activities of the Committee

Tuesday, 10:00 27 September 2022
Meeting Room N303

Committee meeting

Tuesday, 10:00 20 September 2022
Meeting Room N303

Committee meeting


Committee composition




038 200 10 603

044 300 100

[email protected]



Field Officer

038 200 10 628

044 454 891

[email protected]

Committee documents

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The scope of the committee includes:


  • -Review of the draft laws, strategies of security and defense policy documents submitted by the Kosovo Security Council, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, through the Government and their preparation for debate in the Assembly.
  • Exercise parliamentary control and oversights the rule of law on security sector institutions.     
  • Overseeing the implementation of international security standards, gender representation and human rights protection for members of security institutions..
  • Oversight and investigation of all matters pertaining to the organization, financing, personnel, equipment and deployment of the Kosovo Security Force to operations abroad;
  • Review of the annual budget and the 10 (ten) year long-term plan of the Kosovo Security Force before being submitted to the Assembly for approval;
  • -Request reports from the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Internal Affairs, KSF Commander, the Director of Police and other responsible authorities and requests their presence as needed to answer questions from committee members;
  • Review of the draft budget of the Kosovo Security Force before submitting it for approval to the Kosovo Assembly;
  • Requests report on all KSF donations received from bilateral partners;
  • Overseeing security, control and integrated management of Kosovo's state borders.
  • Supervision of airspace control services of the Republic of Kosovo;
  • Overseeing the implementation of all constitutional and legal measures by security institutions in case of emergency and civil emergency services;
  • Reviewing the issues related to disciplinary measures against members of the police, security force and handling the complaints addressed to the Ombudsperson;
  • Review the security situation in the country and submits recommendations to the Assembly for approval;
  • Permanent engagement in the process of implementing oversight of security legislation.
  • Overseeing development reforms in all security institutions in Kosovo.
  • Strengthening cooperation with stakeholders, civil society, international organizations with a mission in Kosovo, citizens and media.