Assembly of the Republic of Kosova

Committee on Public Administration, Local Governance, Media and Rural Development

The Committee, within its scope of work and responsibilities, reviews all the matters related to functioning of civil services, local administration, media and regional development.

Calendar of activities of the Committee

Wednesday, 11:00 07 February 2024
Meeting Room N10

Committee meeting

Thursday, 09:30 14 December 2023
Meeting Room N10

Committee meeting


Committee composition




038 200 10 641

044 127 823

[email protected]



Senior Field Officer

038 200 10 662

044 209 265

[email protected]

Committee documents

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Scope of work of this Committee includes:

  • Reviewing, defining and coordinating work policies for an objective civil service for all citizens without distinction, based on objectivity, professionalism and responsibility;
  • Training and professional development projects for the civil service;
  • Proposing measures for providing engineering and building management services;
  • Proposing measures for administration of the payment system and the payroll of the civil service;
  • Consideration of standards for information technology services, that should be used;
  • Consideration of implementation of the work policy for provision of supply services in accordance with the set rules and procedures;
  • Consideration of issues for administration and registration of NGOs;
  • Review issues of importance for collection, maintenance, analysis and publication of official statistics;
  • Review issues for administration and maintenance of the cadastral system;
  • Supervision of local administration and functioning of local government;
  • Reviewing legislation within its scope of work;
  • Reviewing the list of members of the Independent Media Commission and Public Media Board;
  • Reviewing the draft budget and the budget of the relevant ministry and recommending to the Committee on Budget and Finance, its review and approval in the Assembly, including amendments;
  • Oversight of law implementation within its scope;
  • Review of other issues, determined by this Rules of Procedure and issues which by a special decision of the Assembly are transferred to this Committee;


In exercising its function, the Committee cooperates with the relevant line ministry and all other ministries, from which it can request concrete data, including direct reports from ministers or other responsible persons, when requested by the committee.