Assembly of the Republic of Kosova

Committee on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora

The Committee, within its scope and responsibilities, builds the cooperation with state parliaments, and promotes Assembly membership in regional and international parliamentary organizations, as well as considers all issues related to the Diaspora.

Calendar of activities of the Committee

Tuesday, 10:00 15 November 2022
Meeting Room C203

Committee meeting

Tuesday, 10:00 01 November 2022
Meeting Room N506

Committee meeting


Committee composition




038 200 10 621

044 952 134

[email protected]



Administrative Officer

038 200 10 620

044 605 542

[email protected]

Committee documents

(No documents)


The scope of this committee includes:

  • In coordination with the Speaker and the Presidency of the Assembly, builds cooperation with state parliaments and promotes Assembly membership in regional and international parliamentary organizations;
  • Accompanies the Speaker of the Assembly in international parliamentary meetings;
  • Block or separate ratification of existing treaties, which Kosovo wants to sign;
  • Follows up the negotiations led by the Government for its participation in the new treaties and launches the debate on their ratification;
  • Oversees the implementation of the laws related to foreign affairs, Diaspora and diplomatic immunities;
  • Oversees the Government's actions in the area of foreign policy and Diaspora;
  • Accompanies the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Diaspora in certain important meetings;
  • Cooperates with counterpart committees of other countries' parliaments;
  • Promotes the parliamentary diplomacy of the Assembly;
  • Considers draft laws proposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora;
  • Considers the draft budget and it revises the budget of the corresponding Ministry, and recommends to the Committee on Budget, its consideration and adoption by the Assembly, including the amendments;
  • Considers other matters referred to in these Rules of Procedure and of matters referred to the Committee by special decision of the Assembly.


In the exercise of its functions, the Committee shall cooperate with the corresponding ministry, the Kosovo diplomatic network and with all other ministries from which it may request specific information, including direct reports from ministers or other responsible persons when required by the committee.