Assembly of the Republic of Kosova

Committee on Rights and Interests of Communities and Returns

The Committee, within the scope and responsibilities, considers all issues related to the rights and interests of communities.

Calendar of activities of the Committee

Wednesday, 11:30 01 February 2023
Meeting Room N302

Committee meeting

Thursday, 09:45 19 January 2023
Meeting Room N302

Committee meeting


Committee composition




038 200 10 602

044 380 464

[email protected]



Senior Field Officer

038 200 10 619

044 222 285

[email protected]

Committee documents

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The scope of the committee includes:

  • Consideration of the draft law in terms of rights and interests of communities;
  • The right to decide by majority of votes of its members on the draft law, with a view to addressing the rights and interests of the communities in a fair and proper manner. Such declaration may be addressed to the appropriate functional committee of the Assembly, or the Assembly, as the case may be.
  • The right to propose a draft law and other similar measures within the responsibility of the Assembly whenever it deems necessary to address the concerns of the communities.
  • The right to request, at the request of a member of the Presidency of the Assembly, that any draft law is referred to the Committee on the Rights and Interests of Communities. The Committee, by a majority of votes of its members, decides to make recommendations on the draft law;
  • Provision of advisory opinion, on a specific matter, at the request of the Presidency of the Assembly, to a committee or group consisting of at least 10 (ten) Members of the Assembly.
  • Consideration of the draft budget and budget review of the relevant ministry, and recommends to the Committee on Budget and Finances the consideration and adoption, including the amendments;
  • Supervision of the implementation of laws within its scope;
  • Consideration of other matters referred to in the present regulation and the matters referred to it by special decision of the Assembly.


In exercising its functions, the committee shall cooperate with the corresponding ministry, and with all other ministries from which it may request specific information, including direct reports from the ministers or other responsible persons, when required by the committee.