Assembly of the Republic of Kosova

Directorate of Protocol and International Relations



The Directorate for Protocol and International Relations is responsible for:
a.    Implementation of the Law on State Protocol, the Law on the Use of State Symbols and protocol and ceremonial rules as well as the regulation for the establishment of inter-parliamentary friendship groups
b.    The technical and professional support of the Speaker and the Assembly of Kosovo, on building and strengthening of its connections with the parliaments of other countries, with inter-parliamentary and international organizations and preparations for the drafting of the annual plan of international activities
c.    Support in the implementation of parliamentary activities that are organized in the Republic of Kosovo, at the initiative or under the authority of the Speaker of the Assembly, members of the Presidency or parliamentary committees
d.    Technical preparations and organization of official visits abroad of the Speaker of the Assembly, members of the Presidency and Parliamentary Committees, Heads of parliamentary groups, MPs, friendship groups and staff of the Assembly, for visit programs, VIP tickets, accommodation, visas, reservations of transport and hotel
e.    Technical preparations and the organization of the reception and accompanying foreign delegations, the Speakers of parliaments, interstate parliamentary delegations and invited guests, on the occasion of visits to the Republic of Kosovo
f.    Organization of solemn Sessions, support in regular sessions, meetings, meetings of the Presidency of the Assembly and Heads of parliamentary groups, preparation of halls, placing of flags
g.    Keeping records, storing, systematizing documentation and providing information necessary for the international activities of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo
h.    Taking care of the exchange of information, gifts, telegrams, etc., which is carried out by the Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo within the scope of this directorate
i.    Cooperation with the Cabinet of the Speaker of the Assembly, MPs, the Secretary and other services of the Assembly, for the implementation of international activities, and the provision of protocol and consular services
j.    Cooperates with the State Protocol, the Office for Consular Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the General Directorate of the Police and the Airport regarding the organizations
k.    Carrying out other tasks during the work flow process within the scope of Directorate and activities for international relations and protocol



The Directorate for Protocol and International Relations consists of:  
a.    Protocol Unit 

Unit Coordinator: Snoudon Daci
Phone: 038 200 10 210
Mob: 044 300 037
Email: [email protected]

b. International Relations Unit