Assembly of the Republic of Kosova

Directorate of Procurement

Xhemail Halili


The Directorate of Procurement is responsible for:
a. Provision and development of all procurement activities in accordance with the law and rules on public procurement as well as the management of public finances,
b. Initiating and completing supply procedures and activities that result in procurement contracts for the needs of the Assembly,
c. Drafting and proposing an annual procurement plan, according to the request of organizational units,
d. Coordinating procurement activities with the Public Procurement Agency (PPA), the Regulatory Commission on Public Procurement (RCPP) and the Procurement Review Body (PRB),
e. Signing procurement contracts according to the law,
f. Monitoring the enforcement of contracts by economic operators.

The Directorate of Procurement is comprised by:
a. The Procurement Unit
b. The Contracts Unit.

Tel: 038 212 898, 038 200 10 430

Email: [email protected]