Assembly of the Republic of Kosova

The Directorate for Linguistic Services

Fadil Bytyqi


The Directorate for Linguistic Services is responsible for:
a. Written translation from Albanian to Serb and vice versa, and in specific cases at the request of deputies also into Turkish, of all Assembly materials,
b. Simultaneous translation in Albanian, Serbian and Turkish of the plenary sessions of the Assembly, Presidency meetings, meetings of parliamentary committees and public hearings, in accordance with the Assembly Rule,
c. Editing of all Assembly materials - minutes, reports, conclusions, recommendations, resolutions, motions, bills, laws and amendments,
d. Typing translated/edited materials in Albanian and Serbian,

The Directorate for Linguistic Services is comprised of:
a. The Translation Unit,
b. The Proofreading Unit.

Tel: 038 211 271, 038 200 10 525

Email: [email protected]