Assembly of the Republic of Kosova

Directorate of the Budget and Payments

Istret Azemi


The Directorate of the Budget and Payments is responsible for:
b. Planning, monitoring and executing budgetary expenditure, in accordance with the Law and financial regulations,
c. Preparing quarterly and annual reports of budgetary expenditure by the Assembly,
d. Caring for the efficient processing and protection of financial data,
e. Processing the payment of deputies and administrative officials,
f. Monitoring the current account,
g. Preparing the monthly balance,
h. Monitoring expenditure for budgetary categories,
i. Recording and maintaining registers of assets of the Assembly in accordance with the Law,
j. Preparing proposals for the planning of the Assembly's annual budget and its review.

The Directorate of the Budget and Payments is comprised of:
a. The Budget Unit, and
b. The Payments Unit.

Tel: 038 211 348, 038 200 10 557

Email: [email protected]