Assembly of the Republic of Kosova

Directorate of Research, the Library and the Archive

Arben Loshi


The Directorate of Research, the Library and the Archive, is responsible for:

a. Providing legislative research services of professional literature, the legislation of regional states, the best practices of EU member states, using the internet, data bases and official statistics for all issues relating to the work of the Assembly,
b. Providing legislative research services at the request of deputies and bodies or working groups of the Assembly (in accordance with the Administrative Instruction on the scope and rules of procedure of the Directorate of Research, the Library and the Archive), which includes: research reports, political analysis and comparative analysis, information and memoranda,
c. Securing and providing professional research services, by respecting the principles of professionalism, confidentiality and political impartiality,
d. Drafting annual reports and end mandatory reports on the Assembly's work, after receiving the reports from the respective Directorates of the General Directorate of Legal and Procedural Affairs, as well as other Directorates,
e. Organizing and providing quality library services including finding literature to read, registering and systematizing the library collection, buying and providing books and magazines,
f. Creating and maintaining a database of legislation for deputies of the Assembly,
g. Archiving the Assembly's archival material, in accordance with the Law on the Archive, and the Law on the archiving of archival materials, as well as sub-legal acts issue to this end,
h. Securing copies of archived documentation, in line with the Law on access to official documents and other legislation in force.

The Directorate of Research, the Library and the Archive, is comprised by:
a. The Research Unit, and
b. The Library and Archive Unit.

Tel: 038 213 806, 038 200 10 633

Email: [email protected]