Assembly of the Republic of Kosova

Directorate for the Support of Parliamentary Committees

Fehmi Hyseni

Director of the Directorate for Support of Parliamentary Committees

The Directorate for the Support of Parliamentary Committees is responsible for:
a. Providing advisory-legal, legislative and procedural services for parliamentary committees,
b. Providing legal advice and opinions in writing on specific legal and procedural issues as well as directly assisting in drafting bills and amendments to bills,
c. Providing assistance in the drafting of bills in cooperation with the two other respective Directorates in the General Directorate of Legal and Procedural Affairs (the primary body responsible is the Directorate of Legal Standardization, Alignment and Harmonization),
d. Preparing a draft agenda and work plan for parliamentary committees, as well as publishing them in cooperation with the Directorate of Media and Public Relations,
e. Preparing a scenario for the president of the Committee to lead the Committee meeting,
f. Drafting minutes and reports on recommendations for bills, reports on the monitoring of law enforcement, reports on the work of independent bodies and annual and mandatory end reports,
g. Ranking amendments to bills for processing during second readings with a comparative table (final report) that is comprised of three columns,
h. Ensuring the transfer of relevant information for bills between functional and permanent committees.

The Directorate for the Support of Parliamentary Committees is comprised of support staff organized in units for each committee.

Tel: 038 211 359, 038 200 10 611

Email: [email protected]