Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo


The Assembly conducts its proceedings according to the agenda proposed by the Presidency in cooperation with the Government, with the Heads of Parliamentary Groups and the Heads of Parliamentary Committees. Plenary sessions of the Assembly are usually held twice a month and the plenary week begins on Thursday. The Presidency of the Assembly determines the date and agenda in which the meetings of the Assembly will take place.

Jashtëzakonshme 14 Prill 11:00 Transcript Watch the session
1 . Proposal and approval of concrete economic and financial measures to be taken by the Republic of Kosovo to overcome the challenges of economic recovery in addressing the consequences of Corona Virus "Covid 19" pandemic, in order to cope as successfully as possible the consequences (current and future), in terms of preventing eventual economic crisis, reducing economic losses and providing the necessary support, especially for the private sector in Kosovo.
1 . Review of the Motion of no confidence against the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, proposed by Parliamentary Group of LDK, supported by 44 deputies.