Assembly Meetings Calendar

Plenary Session

Monday, 12.10.2009 10:00


1. Approval of the minutes from the plenary session date. 30. 09. 2009;
2. Time for parliamentary questions;
3. First reading of the Draft Law on Trade-Union Organization;
4. First reading of the Draft Law on Costumes Measures for Protection of Intellectual Property Rights;
5. Review of the annual Report of Kosovo Central Bank;
6. Review of the Draft-Strategy on anti-corruption;
7. Debate on trade situation in the country and trade relations of Kosovo with other countries;
8. Review of the Report for the monitoring of the Law on Wastes;
9. Review of the Recommendation made by Ad Hoc Committee for nomination of the members of Radio Television Board of Kosovo;
10. Notification with the decision of Parliamentary Group of AKR for replacement of the members in parliamentary Committees.

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